Our Community Centre is Not For Sale!

“Kingsgate Community Centre is reprieved. ”I have apologised … for the miscommunication regarding our intentions for the [Kingsgate Community] Centre” An officer from Camden Council informs Councillor Mike Katz in an email dated 23 February. This email was copied to the Kingsgate CC’s Board meeting of 3 March. The Board was jubilant, but also puzzled that a large building can appear in Camden’ Community Investment Programme disposal list, apparently by accident.

 “Drawing the obvious conclusion, Treasurer Pamela Furness exclaimed “This is delicious – a triumph for people power – thank you to everyone who campaigned with us”.

“Kingsgate Community Association was alerted by the local press in November 2010 that their busy community centre was on the list of buildings to be considered for disposal, and immediately a campaign to save the centre was launched. Loyal Centre users and friends campaigned on Facebook, and the staff and Board prepared presentations for Councillors and Council officers on the current work and the history of the centre.

 “” We are convinced that the strength of feeling and support we received made a difference” Peter Williams, the Chair said. “At Board and Staff level we decided to work thoroughly but quietly, presenting ourselves as reasonable and willing to listen, but no doubt on every level the strength of feeling came through to Camden. This is not an easy time for any of us as the cuts start to bite, but at least now we can get back to what is important, working with the community to try and find ways to ease the hardship which the next few years looks likely to bring to all of us” .