• Kingsgate Readers – short story reading group – 7pm – 8.30pm
    • A short story reading group drop-in based on a collective group of local people.
      Each week a group of us from different backgrounds meet and discuss a short story and a poem provided from a volunteer within the group.
      The story is read aloud and an informal discussion follows. After that we move on to read and discuss one (or two) poems, also selected by the volunteer.
      There are usually 8-12 participants. Newcomers are welcome.
      We collect a small donation to pay for the room hire.  Feel free to come along  and see if it suits you.
      It is important to be prompt as someone will be reading the story aloud to start with. No homework necessary!! It can be fun and thought provoking.Why not give it a try?
      Contact email:


  • Painting and Drawing – 9:45am- 12:15pm
    • A tutor lead art class for over 60s, carers over 19yrs and people with disabilities over 19yrs
  • Basketry – 12:15pm- 3pm 
    • Learning to make wicker baskets


  • RagBag – 4pm- 8pm 
    • Textile workshop, weave, sew, knit & natter.
    • £5 per person, Contact : Jenny at 07980 725 436


  • Art for Older People – 10am- 1pm 
    • Art class run by a collective group of pensioners who socialise and create masterpieces 


  • RAW- Painting group – 10am- 1pm
  • Sewing Class– 10:00am- 12:00pm
    • A volunteer run session to teach people how to use sewing machines to create fashion and various material items 
  • Creative Wellbeing– 1pm-4pm
    • A therapeutic art class for people with mental issues
    • Held by Hestia the mental health support group
    • Starting 28th Feb 2020, for details:
      • Email:
      • Call: 07796 714 586
  • Art for All – 1:30pm- 3:30pm
    • A collective group art class who help teach each other various art techniques