About KCCP

Situated in a large community centre bordering Kilburn and West Hampstead, we have created a homely nursery with a range of activity rooms to support both free and guided play. We develop activities tailored towards our children’s interests and we work under the guidance of the EYFS to develop activities that feed into the seven learning areas as set out below.

Core Curriculum

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Foundation stage, Ofsted’s standard for under-5s education.

  • Personal, social and emotional development

Developing social skills, relationships and self-awareness, children learn to manage feelings and be confident, personally and as part of a group.

  • Communication and language

Expressing themselves and listening to others, children learn to communicate with each other and adults in a variety of interactions.

  • Physical development

Being active and eating healthily, children learn the relationship between exercise, rest and eating as they develop movement and coordination.

  • Literacy

The foundation of reading and writing, children learn sounds and letters through a variety of reading materials.

  • Mathematics

Children have opportunities to learn counting, calculating, measuring and describing shapes.

  • Understanding the world

By exploring, observing and discovering, children learn about the world, people and technology around them.

  • Expressive arts and design

All about curiosity and play, children learn to explore their imaginations through a range of mediums including music, art, dance and technology.

We have access to a large hall for indoor physical development e.g. using bikes, scooters and for various ball games and we also have large soft equipment for tumble play which promotes children’s physical development and offers a fun way to burn off some energy with friends. We also use the hall for dance classes, PE lessons and for events and shows.

We visit the park daily where we have Forest school time and use of the playground.
Taking children outside of the classroom is beneficial to children who struggle in the classroom because there is more of an opportunity for them to learn at their own pace and feel a sense of calm from being in an open space. It also has huge health benefits and develops children’s bones, muscles and cardiovascular strength.

Exercise also helps with children’s emotional well health, allowing for relaxation, calm and a sense of well-being. We also plan days out to enhance our children’s experiences and learning opportunities.

Forest school play is fun! It is educational whilst also allowing children to play, explore and discover.  Children who participate in Forest School and nature play are generally observed to be happier. The fresh air, the excitement, getting mucky – it doesn’t get child friendlier than that. Our professional, highly trained experienced team creates a sense of belonging and all children feel included, secure and valued. We have a long standing team, which helps create our stable environment.  We are very lucky to have a multi-lingual team. This not only helps children to settle and feel secure, but it benefits all our children to be part of a community that embraces and learns our different languages and customs.

We have a developing sensory room that helps to foster an atmosphere of relaxation and calm whilst using toys and objects that help develop children’s motor skills and understanding of the world by looking at colour, sound and texture.

As part of our curriculum we often introduce themes such as, ‘Ourselves’ or ‘Dinosaurs’ and we celebrate the many different cultural festivals and celebrations.

Weekly planning is always available to view at the pre-school and we are happy to answer any questions regarding our curriculum and matters relating to the EYFS.


Parents as Partners

We welcome and value any involvement from our Parents. Whether it be coming in to read a story, cook or share a celebration we would love your input. We may also ask you from time to time to help us on educational visits we have throughout the year.

Weekly programme of activities:       

 Cooking  |  Art and Craft  |  Forest school   |  Large soft play time

Dance            Musical movement matters

Sensory play sessions          Gardening


Our Team

Here at Kingsgate community centre pre-school we are lucky to have a team of highly trained early year’s professionals who have worked with us for a number of years. This is testament to the high quality of service and care that helps our families and children have consistency in their lives.

Our team are multilingual and this helps to support our diverse community and helps settle many of our children with English as a second language. This has proved to create a sense of belonging where our aim is to make all children feel included, secure and valued. This not only helps children to settle and feel secure, but it benefits all our children to be part of a community that embraces and learns our different languages and customs.

Sarah Twomey   (Pre-school Manager and SENCO)

Carla Maghalhaes Ho     ( Deputy manager, Safeguarding Officer and Key person)

Dorita Fernandes   ( Key person and pre-school practitioner)

Prudence Wango    ( Key person and pre-school practitioner)

Yasmina Heshemi   ( Key person and pre-school practitioner)

All our staff are first aid and safeguarding trained.

Privacy Notice
At Kingsgate Community Centre Preschool, we take out responsibilities seriously and as such we will only use your personal information to manage our responsibilities towards your child – all personal information will only be used in accordance to this goal.
From time to time we may need to get in touch with you, either via email, letter or telephone, to update you about the preschool, any generic developments and to inform you of any issues relating to your child’s health and wellbeing.
We will manage this data in a professional, ethical and secure way to maintain the integrity of our records – so that we can run the preschool accordingly. Personally Identifiable Information will not be shared with ANY third parties, unless there is a safeguarding concern. Only authorised staff can access your secured personal information.

All our policies and procedures are available upon request .

Kingsgate Community Centre Pre-school has a duty to report all matters regarding our pre-school service to Ofsted.

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