Grange Project

About The Kilburn Grange Project

The Kilburn Grange Project is part of Camden’s open spaces programme and young people. Our work includes a wide range of social, health, art and leisure activities with the object of improving the quality of life and opportunities.

Members can choose from a range of activities or engage in workshops which are run throughout the week. Alternately they can explore, develop and create using a range of tools and resources.


Our after school provision is open from 3.30pm – 6.30pm. The cost is £2.50 or £7.50 if you require your child to be collected.

We collect from the following four schools; St Eugene De Mazonod, Kingsgate Primary School, St Christina’s Primary, St Marys Primary School.

Concessions are available to Camden residents. Holiday Camps operate between 10am-4pm.

We offer off site trips, tutor led workshops and much much more. Costs are £15 per day per child. Saturday workshops run from 12-4pm and are free. Please phone for more details (0207 328 9480). Please use our booking forms below to register your children and the days the will be in attendance.Please send the forms to 

Download our registration and booking forms below:

Handbook: file:///C:/Users/finance/Downloads/Parent%20&%20Carers%20Information%20Pack%2016%20(1).pdf

Reg form: The Grange Project Registration 2016 2017 

Booking form: Project Booking form 2016

Programme: Please see the slides on the main web page for our summer programmes.

Payment structure: Payment Structure

*The Kilburn Grange Project offers children and young people a wide range of food to eat. If your child has special dietary requirements please let us know at the time of registration, thank you.


The Grange Project is funded by John Lyonsheader-logoCamden Council


and Hampstead Wells and Campden Trust